Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Systemic Candida and a Pint of Ice Cream a Night

Huge bloating, sugar cravings, depression, frustration that I couldn't control my symptoms no matter how hard I tried - that was the beginning of systemic candida for me, about nine years ago. Those symptoms have been gone for a few years now, buy oh my goodness what a trip.

Back then when I was on my knees, praying for help because I just couldn't turn this ship around, I swore that the moment I found out how to get better I would write a book, declaring on the very first page how to heal yourself. I didn't want any fellow candida-sufferers to have to go through what I'd been through. Mostly it was the sheer frustration of trying so hard and not getting results with diets, natural and pharmaceutical antifungals, all different types of doctors and their treatments, that made me crazy! So now, on the other end of it, and feeling so good comparatively, here I am sharing.

This past summer I gave the kombucha a try because I thought its beneficial bacteria and healing properties would make me healthier. When I started developing the skin fungal rash, though, I stopped, just to be on the safe side (and because my doctor doesn't recommend kombucha). But I had wanted to do the experiment and I did it. Now let me tell you about other 'experiments' I've done that have been successfull!

My chronic bloating went away after years of a much lower sugar diet. In my 20's I would eat an entire pint of ice cream every night. Of course we all know by now that sugar feeds candida (as well as cancer cells). So I had to cut that out. And I gradually lost my taste for sugary things. In fact, I used to be the girl in the grocery or health food store wheeling my cart around with one hand while I ate huge amounts of corn chips out of the unpaid-bag with the other. Now I don't crave chips anymore. It's amazing really. It reminds me of when people say: illness is the best thing that could happen to a person - without it you wouldn't learn how to really live healthy. Do they say that? Something like that, anyway. You know what I mean.


  1. Hi Jan,

    It's been a long road, but I've learned a lot about health along the way. What has helped is a new lifestyle. A whole foods diet with lots of vegetables and low sugar, stress reduction like breathing exercises, lots of rest, supplements, drinking distilled water, coffee enemas, energy work, psychological therapy, making the time to do things I really enjoy like playing on the beach...not much! But I believe it takes years to get better. There's no magic pill. It took years to get you where you are, and it will take months to years of doing your best to get better. But it's okay (of course I didn't think that when I was in the middle of it!), because you learn how to live well because of the experience.

    I will be posting more about the trials and tribulations I've gone through, all in the name of wanting to feel good. A large part of my improvement is due to the coffee enemas and supplements that I've been taking 3 times a day for almost two years, which were chosen for me by my doctor after consecutive hair analysis. More on that to come, as there is a specific lab to recommend as well as a specific way of analyzing hair tissue.

    Coffee enemas are life-savers. One of my problems when I was trying to kill kill kill! the yeast in my gut (which I now know isn't the right way to go about it) is that I would take antifungals like grapefruit seed oil or garlic and I would have terrible die-off symptoms. So bad that I didn't know if I was allergic to the substances or if I was just not able to detox from the all of the crap that was running rampant inside (turned out to be the latter). Coffee enemas reduce die-off symptoms superbly.

    Another topic I need to talk about is metal-toxicity and candida. I think it's pretty tough to get rid of candida if you're still heavy metal-toxic, and that too takes a while to change. Through other detox methods like infrared saunas I am slowly getting out the mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum...here's a good article on toxic metals: http://www.drlwilson.com/Articles/TOXIC%20METALS.htm

    What has some of your experience been with candida, Jan?